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What Happens After Registration?
Skills evaluations are the next step for all divisions except for T-Ball.  MPTLL uses the skills assessment to insure equal and competitive teams.  For now, getting your player prepped for what to expect when you arrive is the first priority.
  • The first item to check is when your player is scheduled for their skills assessment.  Click here to review the evaluations schedule for Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch, and Kid Pitch.
  • As you prepare for tryouts, check to see if your player’s hand still fits in the glove and if the glove is still in good shape. If it looks like it can handle another season, loosen it up with some glove oil.
  • If possible, try to find a place where you and your player can throw a ball. Simply having a game of catch will help to wake up the muscles and remind the body and mind that spring will soon be here.
  • Soon after the assessments are completed the managers/coaches of each division will come together to draft players onto teams. The draft order is randomly chosen prior to the draft for Coach Pitch, American, National, and Softball leagues.  The Majors division draft order is the reverse order of standings from the previous year.  Coaches from each league are instructed to contact parents and players within 48 hours after the completion of the division draft.
As mentioned above, T-Ball players are not assessed and those parents will hear from their coaches with details about their first practice in the first 8-10 days of March. 
Coach pitch player assessments will take place on Saturday, February 29th.  Those teams will be formed by the Coach Pitch Coordinator and league coaches after assessments.  Coach Pitch parents will receive an additional email from our Coach Pitch Coordinator with details regarding the evaluations on Saturday, February 29th.
Softball player assessments will take place on Saturday, February 8th.  Softball teams will be formed by the Softball Coordinator and league coaches after assessments.  Softball parents should've already received an additional email from our Softball Coordinator with details regarding the assessments this Saturday.
Upcoming Reminders - 2020 Spring Upcoming Dates
  • 2/22/20 - Little League Baseball Skills Assessment - Day 1
  • 2/23/20 - Little League Baseball Skills Assessment - Day 2
  • 2/25/20 - Major League Draft
  • 2/26/20 - National League Draft
  • 2/27/20 - American League Draft
  • 2/29/20 - Coach Pitch Assessments/Evaluations

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Final Days to Register for Spring 2020

Spring 2020 registration for machine pitch, kid pitch, and softball is closed as of 2/2/2020.  Registration will remain open for T-Ball and Coach Pitch until those programs reach capacity.

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2020 League Calendar

MPTLL has published our 2020 calendar with important dates for the upcoming year.  Please note these dates are based on what we know now, and are always subject to change.  We continually update the calendar throughout the year as we receive additional information.

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Field Status
01. Independence Park - Charlotte CLOSED (10/31) 
02. Bissell Field - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
03. Grier Heights 1 - Charlotte OPEN (2/19) 
04. Kiser-Chapman - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
05. Randolph Middle - Charlotte OPEN (2/19) 
06. Naomi Drennan - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
07. Field 11 - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
08. Field 12 - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
09. Founders - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
10. Grier Heights 2 - Charlotte OPEN (2/19) 
11. Keith Field - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
12. Wade - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
14. TBall 1 - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
15. TBall 2 - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
16. TBall 3 - Charlotte CLOSED (2/15) 
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